Sensa Diet Review

How does the Sensa Diet work?

The Sensa diet is a new kind of dietary supplement which uses a powder instead of things like shakes or bars. This powder is intended to help weight loss by using sense of smell as a way to suppress appetite. The idea behind this is the idea of Sensory Satiation; that is, that the sense of smell is hooked to appetite and at a certain point the 'fullness' signal will be sent to the brain that the body feels full.

The other idea of course is to have a diet plan with not actual dieting; simply tricking the body into sending the sated signal earlier than it otherwise would have. The Sensa diet claims to have the largest clinical studies done on it with over 1400 participants and an average weight loss of 30.6 pounds. Is the hype justified? This Sensa diet review seeks to help answer that question.

Pros and Benefits

Cons & Sensa Side Effects

Sensa Ingredients

The ingredient list in Sensa is short and sweet: maltodextrin, Tricalcium phosphate, silica, natural and artificial flavours, FD&C Yellow 5, Carmine and soy/milk ingredients (in order of appearance).

Unfortunately, most of these ingredients are very artificial and chemical based, which may put off many people. Maltodextrin for example, is an additive derived from simple sugars which is often found in candy.

On the other hand, these ingredients do their job of being sweet or salty, so at least the company does deliver on that and there are no hidden ingredients; one can read exactly what is in the product just by looking it up on the company site.

Administration, Diet & Exercise

The Sensa diet powder is easy to use. There are two flavours: sweet and salty and the idea is to sprinkle the sweet powder on sweet food and the salty powder on salty food; thus, at least in theory, tricking the brain into thinking the body is full sooner. There is nothing more to it.

Although the makers of Sensa claim that one does not have to eat any healthier or exercise to lose weight, one is always better served to eat better and exercise regularly. This will promote greater weight loss and teach basic nutrition and dietary habits which will endure long after Sensa is no longer in use.


Is there a Sensa scam going around? Well, it could be argued that Sensa is not precisely a scam; after all, people are losing weight on it. But, as with any dietary supplement, pairing it off with good common sense (eating properly and exercising) will let you lose weight far more efficiently. And at $210 for six months of Sensa, one might be better served by simply eating smaller portions and exercising more often!

However, the Sensa diet product may be used successfully for getting over plateaus or for something convenient to use in weight loss.